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He doesn't just create furniture, he creates art.

— Jennifer Tilly, Actress —

Residential Furniture

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Dining Rooms



Sofas & Lounges

Wine Barrel

His work is one-of-a-kind and becomes a showcase piece in the room.

— Garrison Hullinger, Owner, Garrison Hullinger Interior Design —

Commercial Furniture

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The feel of his [work] brings one back to the old days when individuals took the time to make solid and timeless furniture.

— Panna Speas Cappelli, Owner, Maui Hands Galleries —

Environmental Responsibility.

Brian's furniture is crafted with care from the finest of materials and every piece is a joy for its combination of utility and style. Like a favorite wine, furnishings make the home and table a place for sharing life's best.

— Don Corson, Winemaker, Camaraderie Cellars —

What's new

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Brian Kawal Fine Furniture

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